Neighbors Cleaning Up the Neighborhood

Lovely new landscaping has been installed at Tyrrell Elementary School!

27000 tyrrell school - new landscaping


A Neighborhood Star

A neighbor brightens up his house with new paint and a new fence

27311 Tyrrell - neighbor paints house


Local reported crime dropped dramatically thanks to new police practices implemented throughout South Hayward.  The number of incidents, running around 120-150 per week previously, fell to 53 in January . . , and continue on a downward trend.  Congratulations to Lieutenant Lundgren and all our great neighborhood beat officers!

Only 53 in January!


Compared to 154 in December



2299 W. Tennyson

(Corner of W. Tennyson & Hesperian)

Chat with your beat officer and other police staff about issues that concern you.


Proposed new Hayward Illegal Dumping Ordinance
On Tuesday, Oct 23 the City introduced a possible new ordinance in response to increased illegal dumping throughout the city. It imposes responsibility for a specific crime – illegal dumping – on nearby private property owners.


If approved, property owners must clean up discarded furniture, appliances and other household waste on city-owned sidewalks and streets even if the property owner is not the one doing the illegal dumping.  Property owners who ignore warnings from the City could be subjected to a $1,000 fine, or over $2,000 in fees and fines for repeated incidents.


The proposed law reduces or eliminates City responsibility for the act of illegal dumping on public property.  The proposal represents a novel imposition of strict liability on residents for criminal activity they had nothing to do with on public property they don’t own.


Illegal dumping in Hayward affects the Tyrrell neighborhood more than most.  Some residents assert the illegal dumping problem has been, in part, created by the City itself:   17,000 Hayward families who previously enjoyed the right to a free bulky pickup from Waste Management are now charged substantial fees for this service, e.g. $232 for picking up a mattress and a box spring.  This charge represents a large percentage of the monthly income of many families in our neighborhood and is felt to contribute to illegal dumping.


This reduction in service occurred even though, at the same time, the contract increased fees on residents by 30%  and increased revenues generated for the City by more than 30%.


A city normally takes financial responsibility for criminal activity on behalf of all residents.   For instance, an individual resident does not pay the cost of detective work to solve the burglary of his property.  Yet the City is shifting the costs of one particular crime – illegal dumping – onto individual residents.


The Hayward City Council will take action on the proposed illegal dumping ordinance at their Nov 13 meeting.

You may send an email to or call your Hayward City Council Members:

User Barbara Halliday Mayor and City Council Council Member 510-583-4358 510-583-3601
User Olden Henson Mayor and City Council Council Member 510-583-4353 510-583-3601
User Greg Jones Mayor and City Council Council Member
User Al Mendall Mayor and City Council Council Member
User Marvin Peixoto Mayor and City Council Council Member 510-583-4356
User Bill Quirk Mayor and City Council Council Member 510-583-4355 510-583-3601
User Mark Salinas Mayor and City Council Council Member 510-583-4357 510-583-3601
User Francisco Zermeno Mayor and City Council Council Member 510-583-4352 510-583-3601

Neighbors spent a fourth evening with City of Hayward officials on October 22.  This was an opportunity for the City to tell neighbors about its progress toward the neighborhood’s goals.

What is left to do?

  • Plant Redwood trees along railroad tracks from Shepherd to West Tennyson
  • Landscape public street at St.Francis and Shepherd (dead-end turn around)
  • Enforce permits at the Leidig/Huntwood Shopping Center
  • Install new lawn at 680 West Tennyson (a city-owned facility)
  • Eliminate industrial (tractor-trailer) parking on Leidig near West Tennyson

What’s been done?

  • Addressed many neighborhood crime,safety and graffiti issues! (Police)
  • Fixed up 5 problem properties! (Community Preservation/SMASH)
  • Cleaned and repaired many items of neighborhood infrastructure! (Maintenance)
  • Re-painted city infrastructure!. (Maintenance)
  • Addressed 300 Hayward Access complaints!  (Community Preservation, Maintenance, and Graffiti Buster)

Details on Neighborhood Issues:

  • Planting Redwood trees
    • Redwood tress along the railroad will reduce the negative impact of the railroad and beautify
    • The City has planted trees from Harding to Shepherd
    • The City has not yet planted trees from Shepherd to W. Tennyson
  • Fixing up Properties
    • Shopping center at 380 West Tennyson installed beautiful new landscaping
    • 4 problem neighborhood properties brought up to code
    • Community Preservation is working on 16 open cases to abate nuisance conditions
    • City-owned 680 West Tennyson has installed/repaired its sprinkler system (and hopefully will be installing new sod soon).
  • Neighborhood Clean Up!
    • Tyrrell Neighborhood Association has worked hard to strengthen the neighborhood and keep it clean based on “neighbors helping neighbors”.  This includes:
      • daily litter pickups
      • recruiting neighbors on each block to make sure their block stays clean
      • urging neighbors to immediately report any junk and trash on their block
      • neighbors helping each other paint out new graffiti instantly
      • neighbors painting fences together to make our neighborhood look great!  (See fences)
    • Glassbrook School has held at least 10 clean-ups days during the past year
    • City Maintenance has been promptly removing any illegally dumped items
  • Free bulky pickup service for multi-family residents
    • 17,000 families living in multi-family buildings still have no bulky pickup service, which causes illegal dumping
    • Free annual bulky pick-up service for all Hayward residents used to be a part of the City’s franchise agreement (and many cities offer all their residents 2-3 free pickups)
    • Free bulky service for 17,000 families was left out of the last City franchise agreement, even though waste fees increased 30% and the City’s share of revenues increased to 12.5%
    • Negotiations are underway for the next (2014) contract, but this service has not yet been confirmed to be part of overall contract services.
  • Removal of unwanted 8-foot cyclone railroad fence:
    • Fence will not be removed, despite strong neighborhood objections after City permitted its installation without notice or consultation with neighbors
    • Railroad will provide $2,000 for landscaping
    • City will mitigate glare, graffiti and other adverse impact with landscaping
  • Removal of commercial City cans
    • commercial city trash cans on residential streets create illegal dumping and blight
    • 2 cans have been removed, 8 still remain
    • cans are being emptied more often
  • Illegal signage
    • cities that enforce illegal sign rules strictly have few issues with illegal signs
    • Community Preservation has been working diligently on this issue since the delivery of signs

A lovely landscaped property enhances our neighborhood!

Neighbors helping neighbors! 

A newly painted fence on Tyrrell looks great.

Email for help with your fence.